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Zogg und Freuler Architecture and general contractor The architectural office and general contractor «Zogg und Freuler» entrusted me with the creation of a new corporate design and a new website. To ensure recognition, I had to make sure to keep the name and the color of the previous appearance. In addition, the catchy slogan « Eifach schöni Hüser » (simply beautiful homes), which is well-known in the region, was reused.jhgjhg
The new design had to be refreshing, modern, timeless and dynamic while still keeping its likeable and appealing look. The target groups are mainly families and couples from rural areas who value top quality. These ideals needed to be reflected in the new design. The bar at the bottom, which can easily be reused on other graphic surfaces, represents the tectonics.
The business cards were printed by Fischer-Papier and aim at achieving a striking and therefore memorable effect.

Brand modernising, Art Direction, Print Media, Web Design

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Tanja Corinne Zogg, 2022

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