Town of Buchs

Stadt Buchs

This school project consisted of a redesign of a town, for which I chose Buchs, a well-known town located close to my hometown. As far as I am concerned, I have always thought that Buchs looks a bit dull and could use some brushing up. The new design should allow for variability and flexibility.
 During the design process, I went back into the past of the town and based my redesign on its original coat-of-arms. As shown on the right-hand side, I filtered out the geometrical forms and colored the using the three colors of the coat-of-arms. The result is the foundation stone of the new appearance. Based on it, the respective tectonics were created.
The word mark is written in a plain font and the ascender was slightly changed to achieve a uniform appearance.
The tectonics can be used quite differently, either alone or in combination with the logo. The same for the colors that can be adapted according to the given images or events.

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