Graphic Design – Living in London, there is a constant stream of vibrant new ideas, brands, and people with visions to change the world. My passion is to absorb this energy, harness and utilize it to help others grow in combination with my knowledge of brand design and strategy. Let’s never stop moving forward and challenge ourselves!

Enjoy my portfolio and if you want to work with me or simply want to have a chat don’t hesitate to contact me.

Dress Down Productions – London
Branding, Art Direction, Photography, Event Design
Pembrokeshire Gold Rapeseed Oil – Wales
Packaging, Branding, Print, Web
Original Classics – Switzerland
Branding, Photography, Art Direction
Purecotton Kids Packaging – China
Illustration, Packaging
Technoclub Amnesia – Milano
Branding, Event Design, Print, Web
Artificial Intelligent
Book Design, Typography, Illustration, Text
Zogg und Freuler – Switzerland
Brand modernization, Branding, Art direction, Print, Web
British Embassy – Washington DC

Photography – A side hustle or a hobby? It is definitely a passion of mine and one of my favorite creative tools to express myself. Photography is my way of expressing how I see the world, bringing the inside out.  recognizing the details, the softness, the simple beauty, the vulnerability –  bringing a sense of calmness to this busy and fast running world. Holding my breath for a moment.

Making connections and creating a piece of art with others is just magical, so connecting is something I would never want to miss out on in my life. 

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® Copyright on all Images
Tanja Corinne Zogg, 2022

® Copyright on all Images
Tanja Corinne Zogg, 2022